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Check out our certified hemp seeds brand Sunbelt Seeds these are perfect for the smokeable flower market, high end CBD products and extraction for oils.

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A lengthy phenotype selection process has been used to create a higher yielding plant with greater flowering structure.

This strain has been developed over a 6 year period by using a wild hemp variety, that has then been crossed and back crossed multiple times to create a stable very high CBD & low THC variety.

Due to this lengthy phenotype selection process it has been able to create a higher yielding plant.

The plant is easily identifiable in the field compared to current hemp strains due to the purple hued flower structure of the strain, and has a great many flower sites, which produces a very striking purple leaves and flowers towards the end of the flowering period.

  • Ask for 3rd party Certificate of Analysis (COA) report.
  • Disclaimer – results may vary based on farmers experience and farming conditions. If you need help to maximise results please contact us through our consultancy program


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