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Cannabis producer

Our breeder is a world leading geneticist, we have a large library of established stable THC, CBD, CBG and other minor cannabinoids seeds & mother plants

THC Seeds

We produce large volumes of high THC seeds.
One of our genetics has in excess 30% THC proven content. These plants also produce high yields

Hemp Flower

We produce large volumes of compliant high CBD & CBG and low THC hemp flower that produce high quality end products

Hemp Seeds

We produce large volumes of stable hemp seeds.
Low THC and High CBD & CBG, that have high feminization and germination rate

Cannabis Consulting

We know how hard it is to produce large scale grows, we can help and support your business so you get better ROI


We work with the largest extraction labs. That specialize in quality research driven extraction, distillation, purification and cannabinoid isolation

Next Gen surveillance

Our cutting edge technology with machine learning AI, that not only monitors your plant growth / health but also ensures your staff are working and keeps your crop safe from intruders and pests

Hemp Starts / plugs

We produce large volumes of stable certified hemp starts / plugs. Low THC and High CBD & CBG, that have high fem rates

High level of competence

Our experience will help you create a quality product

Our experience and quality products will help you achieve your goals 

30 years
Growing & breeding
30 years +
Commodity trading
10 years
Hemp producer
5 years

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Hemp Seeds & Flower producer

Cannabis / Hemp grower /
breeder since 1980

Consultant world-wide large scale, government funded grows

Owner and publisher of Weed World magazine since 1991.

Prof Z


Hemp Seeds & Flower producer

Cannabis / Hemp Breeder & Grower of large industrial facilities

Prof Z is a world leader geneticist.
He was one of the founders that stablized feminized seeds.





Stable & predictable results


100% Satisfaction guarantee


40+ Years in canna business


Guaranteed results

The genetics we provide are stable and produce high yields 

Woman smoking, close up on smoke and mouth


Smokable market

Our CBD genetics are unrivalled, high quality CBD flower that you can rely on. The smoke is truly a different experience 

Woman smoking, close up on smoke and mouth


CBD market place

Our extracted high CBD will add value to your end product leaving your customer wanting more


THC seeds

We have one of the largest THC genetics catalogues, that we have been breeding and stabilizing collectively for over 30 years.  

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Grow medical grade THC

We have a wide range of high THC genetics, that we have been breeding with for 40 years

Industrial Hemp Farmer

We have high quality CBD & CBG certified seeds or starts / plugs

Smokeable market

We produce high volume quality CBD hemp flower, if you prefer to grow your own you can buy the certified Hemp seeds, starts / plugs seeds direct from us

CBD products

Already have an established brand but looking for quality end CBD product for your balm, tincture, water, drinks, beauty products then look no further


We have fibre and stalks that would suit any hemp-crete, hemp plastic, hemp-material, hemp biofuel business, whatever your needs this is a sustainable crop that leaves a small footprint

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